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White Fox Collection

 Golston Jewellery--- Affordable Luxury


Golston Jewellery is a luxurious international brand that is specialized in diamond jewelry. Golston aims to design products that are creatively developed and conceptually considered. Working with a team of international designers, Golston offers diversity, quality and a truly unique experience for the customer. Established in 2004 Golston has rapidly gained a respectable and prized name for itself, having now become one of the Melbourne’s most appreciated Jewellery brands.


​White Fox & Love

White is the color of purity and divinity. Fox, as an intelligent animal in the nature, is a sign of wisdom and attractiveness. People can see white fox sexy, cute, confident or protective. That’s what Golston Jewelry wants our customers to be after they wear our White Fox jewel. The element of white fox is merged in the design of our wedding bands, engagement rings and daily-wear Jewellery. Hope our white fox could witness your pure love and highlight your beauty.

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